A Digital Flora
of Newfoundland and Labrador
Vascular Plants

Nymphaeaceae: Waterlily Family

Nuphar variegata Durand in Clinton

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Page created October 6, 2003
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Nuphar variegata
Nuphar ×rubrodisca
Nymphaea odorata subsp. odorata

Nuphar variegata Engelmann ex Durand  -  Yellow Pondlily, Bullhead, Spatterdock - [NF, LAB]
Old Shore Road between Port au Choix and Eddies Cove West, Newfoundland. Small pond near road. July 16, 2003. [Digital - John Maunder]
Flower, Closeup
Leaf, Top
New Harbour Highway, at Junction with Spaniard's Bay spur road, Newfoundland. Shallow pond. August 7, 2004. [Digital - John Maunder]
Leafy Plant [stranded]
Snow's Pond, North River, Newfoundland. Shallow pond edge. September 24, 2005. [Digital - John Maunder]
Submerged Leaves
Whole Plant, in Habitat

Nymphaea odorata Aiton subsp. odorata  -  Fragrant Waterlily, Water Nymph - [NF]
North of LaManche, Newfoundland. Southern Shore Highway. Area of winding road (ie. several "S-turns"). Vegetation-rich roadside pond. August 10, 2003. [Digital - John Maunder]
Flower, Closeup
Flower and Leaf
Plants in Habitat
LaManche Provincial Park, Newfoundland. Southern Shore Highway. Shallow area in steady below main pond. August 16, 2005. [Digital - John Maunder]
Flower, Closeup
Flower, Closeup

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