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Vascular Plants

Tofieldiaceae: Tofieldia Family

Tofieldia glutinosa (Michx.) Pers.

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Page created November 23, 2001
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Tofieldia pusilla
Triantha glutinosa

Tofieldia pusilla (Michaux) Persoon  -  Small Tofieldia, False Asphodel - [NF, LAB]
Table Head. Old highway siding. Limestone gravels. July 14, 2003. [Digital - John Maunder]
Flowers with Developing Fruit
Flowers with Developing Fruit
Whole Plants with Developing Fruit
Burnt Cape. Limestone barrens. July 22, 2002. [Digital - John Maunder]

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Triantha glutinosa (Michaux) Baker  -  Sticky Tofieldia, Glutinous Tofieldia - [NF, LAB]
Northern Peninsula Highway, about 1 km south of Cormack Junction. Disturbed, meadowy, roadside seepage slopes. July 12, 2003. [Digital - John Maunder]
Flower, Closeup
Flower, Closeup
Flower, Closeup
Glandular Stem
Plum Point. Flat, disturbed ground near shore. July 15, 2001. [Digital - John Maunder]
Whole Plants

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