A Digital Flora
of Newfoundland and Labrador
Vascular Plants

Elaeagnaceae: Oleaster Family

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Page created December 1, 2002
Page last updated August 19, 2009

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Shepherdia canadensis

Shepherdia canadensis (Linnaeus) Nuttall  -  Soapberry, Buffalo Berry - [NF, LAB]
Table Head, Newfoundland. Old road siding. Limestone barrens. July 20, 2002. [Digital - John Maunder]
Berries and Leaves
Berries and Leaves
Pacquet, Newfoundland. Shore heath. July 20, 2004. [Digital - Glenda Quinn]
Whole Plants
New Ferrole Lighthouse, Newfoundland. Shore meadow. Limestone area. August 6, 2003. [Digital - John Maunder]
Leaves, Showing Stellate Hairs
Leafy Branches

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