A Digital Flora
of Newfoundland and Labrador
Vascular Plants

Index 4: Monocots

Iris setosa Pallas ex Link var. canadensis Foster ex B.L. Robinson and Fernald

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Page created October 13, 2001
Page last updated March 10, 2022

Acoraceae: Sweetflag Family
Alismataceae: Water-Plantain Family
Amaryllidaceae: Amaryllis Family
Araceae: Arum Family. (Now includes Lemnaceae)
Asparagaceae: Asparagus Family
Colchicaceae: Autumn Crocus Family [now re-combined with Liliaceae: Lily Family]
Cyperaceae: Sedge Family ["Genus Carex"]
Cyperaceae: Sedge Family ["Non-Carex"]
Eriocaulaceae: Pipewort Family
Hydrocharitaceae: Frogbit Family (now includes Najadaceae)
Iridaceae: Iris Family
Juncaceae: Rush Family
Juncaginaceae: Arrow Grass Family
[Lemnaceae: Duckweed Family. Now included in Araceae]
Liliaceae: Lily Family (now excludes Alliaceae, Convallariaceae [now Ruscaceae], Melianthaceae, and Tofieldiaceae)
Melanthiaceae: Melanthium Family
Orchidaceae: Orchid Family
Poaceae: Grass Family
Potamogetonaceae: Pondweed Family (Now includes Zannichelliaceae)
Ruppiaceae: Ditch Grass or Tasselweed Family
Scheuchzeriaceae: Scheuchzeria Family
Sparganiaceae: Bur-reed Family (now included in Typhaceae)
Tofieldiaceae: Tofieldia Family
Typhaceae: Cattail Family(Now includes Sparganiaceae)
Xyridaceae: Yellow-Eyed Grass Family
[Zannichelliaceae: Horned Pondweed Family (now included in Potamogetonaceae)]
Zosteraceae: Eelgrass Family


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