A Digital Flora
of Newfoundland and Labrador
Vascular Plants

Index 3: Eudicots and Waterlilies

Doellingeria umbellata (Mill.) Nees var. umbellata

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Page created October 13, 2001
Page last updated March 27, 2022

[Aceraceae: Maple Family (now included in Sapindaceae)]
Amaranthaceae: Amaranth Family (now includes "Chenopodiaceae")
Anacardiaceae: Sumac Family
Apiaceae: Parsley Family (now excludes Hydrocotylaceae)
Apocynaceae: Dogbane Family
Aquifoliaceae: Holly Family
Araliaceae: Ginseng Family (now includes Hydrocotylaceae)
Asclepiadaceae: Milkweed Family
Asteraceae: Composite Family
Balsaminaceae: Touch-me-not Family
Betulaceae: Birch Family
Boraginaceae: Borage Family
Brassicaceae (= Cruciferae): Mustard Family
Cabombaceae: Watershield Family
Callitrichaceae: Waterstarwort Family
Campanulaceae: Bluebell Family (now includes "Lobeliaceae")
Cannabaceae: Hemp Family
Caprifoliaceae: Honeysuckle Family (now excludes Adoxaceae, but includes Dipsaceae and Valerianaceae)
Caryophyllaceae: Pink Family
Celastraceae (now includes "Parnassiaceae"): Bittersweet Family
Chenopodiaceae: Goosefoot Family
Cistaceae: Rockrose Family
Convolvulaceae: Morning Glory Family (now includes "Cuscutaceae")
Cornaceae: Dogwood Family
Crassulaceae: Stonecrop Family
[Cruciferae (= Brassicaceae): Mustard Family]
[Cuscutaceae: Dodder Family (now included in Convolvulaceae)]
Diapensiaceae: Diapensia Family
[Dipsaceae: Teasel Family (now included in Caprifoliaceae)]
Droseraceae: Sundew Family
Elaeagnaceae: Oleaster Family
Elatinaceae: Elatinaceae: Waterwort Family
[Empetraceae: Crowberry Family (now included in Ericaceae)]
Ericaceae: Heath Family (now includes Empetraceae, Ericaceae, Monotropaceae, Pyrolaceae)
Euphorbiaceae: Spurge Family
Fabaceae: Pea Family
Fagaceae: Beech Family
[Fumariaceae: Fumatory Family (now included in Papaveraceae)]
Gentianaceae: Gentian Family
Geraniaceae: Geranium Family
Grossulariaceae: Currant Family
Haloragaceae: Water-Milfoil Family
[Hippocastanaceae: Buckeye Family (now included in Sapindaceae)]
[Hippuridaceae: Mare's-tail Family (now included in Plantaginaceae)]
[Hydrocotylaceae: Water-Pennywort Family (now included in Araliaceae)]
Hypericaceae (= Clusiaceae): St. John's-wort Family
[Labiatae (= Lamiaceae): Mint Family]
Lamiaceae (= Labiatae): Mint Family
Lentibulariaceae: Bladderwort Family
[Limoniaceae (= Plumbaginaceae): Leadwort Family]
Linaceae: Flax Family
[Lobeliaceae: Lobelia Family (now included in Campanulaceae)]
Loranthaceae: Mistletoe Family
Lythraceae: Loosestrife Family
Malvaceae: Mallow Family (now includes "Tiliaceae")
Menyanthaceae: Buckbean Family
[Monotropaceae: Indian Pipe Family (now included in Ericaceae)]
Montiaceae: Montia Family
Myrsinaceae: Myrsine Family
Myricaceae: Wax-Myrtle Family
Nymphaeaceae: Waterlily Family
Oleaceae: Olive Family
Onagraceae: Evening-Primrose Family
Orobanchaceae: Broom-Rape Family (now includes hemiparasitic species formerly placed in Scrophulariaceae)
Oxalidaceae: Oxalis Family
Papaveraceae: Poppy Family (now includes Fumariaceae)
[Parnassiaceae: Grass-of-Parnassus Family (now included in Celastraceae)]
Plantaginaceae: Snapdragon Family (now includes Callitrichaceae, Hippuridaceae, non-hemiparasitic genera formerly placed in Scrophulariaceae, and Plantaginaceae)
Phrymaceae: Lopseed Family
Plumbaginaceae (= Limoniaceae): Leadwort Family
Polygalaceae: Milkwort Family
Polygonaceae: Buckwheat Family
Polemoniaceae: Phlox Family
[Portulacaceae (see: Montiaceae)]
Primulaceae: Primrose Family
[Pyrolaceae: Wintergreen Family (now included in Ericaceae)]
Ranunculaceae: Buttercup or Crowfoot Family
Rhamnaceae: Buckthorn Family
Rosaceae: Rose Family
Rubiaceae: Madder Family
Salicaceae: Willow Family
Santalaceae: Sandelwood Family
Sapindaceae: Soapberry Family (now includes "Aceraceae", and "Hippocastanaceae")
Sarraceniaceae: Pitcher Plant Family
Saxifragaceae: Saxifrage Family
Scrophulariaceae: Figwort Family (all hemiparasitic genera have been moved to Orobanchaceae, and a number of non-hemiparasitic genera have been moved to Plantaginiaceae)
Solanaceae: Potato Family
[Tiliaceae: Linden Family (now included in Malvaceae)]
Ulmaceae: Elm Family
Urticaceae: Nettle Family
Valerianaceae: Valerian Family (now included in Caprifoliaceae)
Viburnaceae: Viburnum Family [formerly Adoxaceae] [formerly included in Caprifoliaceae]
Violaceae: Violet Family


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